“We are the Makers” Eramus project

we are the makers project

“We are the Makers” is an Erasmus+ project of six european countries that started in 2017 and will finish mid 2020. The goal is to develop free online manuals and learning scenarios around 3D printing, Internet of Things and 3D Design. As Vice-president and co-founder of E-nable France, a non profit association offering free 3D printed … Read more

Why did you start your 3D printing company?

simon sinek 3DPM launch 3D printing company

Do you remenber why you wanted to start a 3D printing company in the first place? Do you think your daily efforts contribute to reach that dream? If the answer to both questions is “No” or “Yes but…” then you should have a look at this video. “To make a profit is a result… What … Read more

3DPM Launch during Formnext 2019

Formnext launch 3DPM 3dprintingmarkets 3dprintingmarket

3DPM Official launch during Formnext 2019 Our team is excited to officially launch 3Dprintingmarkets.com and continue to contribute to the 3D printing community.  We will be present at Formnext 2019 to meet customers, partners and friends to discuss about the industry latest news. During the past 7 years, we have met incredible people, startup founders, … Read more