Find the right 3D printing solution for your business!

As a decision maker, you are probably as convinced as we are that 3D printing is going to change the world. It will probably impact or even disrupt your business so you need to adapt and learn this new technology.

But where to start?

Which technology is the most suitable? Did you know there are more than 400 active FDM printer manufacturers in 2019? Which one is the best for you?

Do you need to invest internally or use 3rd party services?

How does 3D printing fit into your core business?

Who are the key players and where can get I unbiased advices?

Corporates Find the right 3D printing solution for your business

With over 7 years experience in 3D printing markets, we have worked with a number of key players at different levels (manufacturers, resellers, corporate customers, universities…). The 3DPM team will help you to find your way in this exciting maze.


Pick up the services you need or let’s talk to create your own package:

  • Market information (trends, sizing, pricing…)
  • Technology introduction, comparison…
  • 3D printers review (by industry, region, segment…)
  • Software review (slicers, design, management…)
  • Business model definition
  • Vertical markets analysis (Health, education, construction…)
  • Channel partners introduction
  • ad-hoc market studies
    • your market adoption trend (are you late?)
    • Best practises in your market (learn from early adopters)
    • any question or project you have in mind

Take action now!

Let’s book a meeting to identify your needs or use our contact page to find the right 3D printing solution for your business.

During this free call we will review together all the services you may need and define a clear action plan. Then it is up to you to activate it or not. Isn’t your company worth it?

Prior to the meeting we can sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if you feel the need for it. Just let us know and we can send you our version, or you can also send us yours.