3D Printing experts on demand

At 3DPM, we believe the 3D Printing Industry is going to change the world as we know it. It will allow anybody to express their creativity and design things that were impossible to make before.

But 3D printing markets are complex. Many different technologies, for different applications, not to mention a fast growing range of materials, are increasing the barriers to enter.

Which is why, after more than 20 years experience in the printing industry at a global level, including 7 years with 3D printing, I decided to create 3DPM.

With a strong international background in B2B and B2C marketing within large corporation and smaller companies, I believe it is time to help the industry and support all these passionnate entrepreneurs to boost their business.

If you have any project in mind, any question, feel free to ask a 3D Printing Expert on demand. Contact us today!

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Ghislain Gauthier - 3DPM Founder and CEO
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