Why did you start your 3D printing company?

Do you remenber why you wanted to start a 3D printing company in the first place?

Do you think your daily efforts contribute to reach that dream?

If the answer to both questions is “No” or “Yes but…” then you should have a look at this video.

"To make a profit is a result... What is your company purpose?"

10 years ago, Simon Sinek, one of the greatest motivationnal and business author, released “Start with Why” which inspired a whole generation of managers, including me. Every company know what product or service they do. Most of them know how they do it. Very few know why they do it. 

More than 47M views on ted.com which makes it the 4th most seen video on the platform. Are you one of them?

Take the time today to watch or watch again this great talk to get inspiration and maybe even update your business approach. If you need help to implement it so you can start your 3D printing company, feel free to contact 3DPM team, we can help!