Jellypipe enters the french market with 3DPM

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Jellypipe enters the French market with 3DPM After a successful launch in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and more recently in the UK, Jellypipe, the leading 3D printing platform based in Switzerland is now expanding its activities in France, Luxembourg and Wallonia with the help of 3DPM. The Jellypipe ecosystem allows manufacturing experts and consultants (Solution providers) … Read more

What’s next for the 3D Printing industry?

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Can we reboot 2020? So many words could define 2020 so far, but one thing for sure is that everybody will remember it for ever. The Covid-19 has been (is) difficult to manage for most of us, but what about for the 3D printing industry? In every crisis, there are opportunities for new things to … Read more

The amazing 3D printing community response to the Corona virus crisis

open source respiratory emergency help

The incredibly fast expansion of the Covid-19 has put the world in a difficult situation. Hospitals, even governments, accross the world are looking for help to fight the virus due to the shortage of critical supplies (masks, respiratory machines spare parts…). The 3D printing community response, both from the professional and maker’s side, is amazing. … Read more

3 tips to get new 3D Printer resellers!

Reseller 3D printing markets

The key to success in 3D printing (beside having a good product!!), is like in any other business. You need to develop your sales channels to be close to your customers. Here are 3 tips to get new 3D printer resellers in no time. They may look very natural and easy to understand, but we … Read more

Is “food safe” 3D printing really safe?

Food safe 3D printing 3DPM

More than 2 millions 3D printable files can be found today on internet and many of them can be used in the kitchen. But is “food safe” 3D printing really safe?  Check out this very interesting video made by Igor Gaspar from the Szent Istvan University in Hungary. Spoiler Alert! The video is basically showing … Read more