The amazing 3D printing community response to the Corona virus crisis

The incredibly fast expansion of the Covid-19 has put the world in a difficult situation. Hospitals, even governments, accross the world are looking for help to fight the virus due to the shortage of critical supplies (masks, respiratory machines spare parts…). The 3D printing community response, both from the professional and maker’s side, is amazing.

Companies and individuals are putting together their resources to print the missing parts, sometimes even creating new solutions, and offer them to their local hospitals.

If you’re in the 3D printing industry or have a 3D printer at home, you can contribute as already know. There is no small contribution, everybody can make a difference! A good information source, daily updated, for the latest files and projects is coming from 3DPBM.

If you do not have a 3D printer, you can still help by contributing to 3DHubs Covid19 Manufacturing Fund or even just share your computer resources for the open-source project Folding@home which is refocusing its power to the Covid-19 analysis (They reached 473 Petaflops calculation power. FYI the most powerful computer in the world is “just” 148 Petaflops).

In the meantime, stay safe, stay at home, which is probably the best we can all do to reduce the impact of the virus. I hope to see you soon face to face this time in the future 3D printing exhibitions.

PS: if you want to help, but not sure how, feel free to contact us.

3D printed examples and links

3D printing community response
3D printed splitters for use with ventilators to allow multiple patients to be serviced by a single patient. This is currently being explored as an emergency option - Click the picture to download
Face cover covid19 3D printed
Face cover protection for medical staff or any person in close contact with covid19 patients. Many versions can be found on the web. Please check with your local hospital for needs before starting a production. Click the picture to download
covid corona 3D printing
Snorkling mask transformed into respiratory help - Get the parts here
open source respiratory emergency help
Emergency respiratorion device - More information here
door handler covid19
Open doors / Push knobs... - Click to visit Prusa web site and download
respirator-free reanimation Venturi's valves (rev. 4)
Respirator-free reanimation Venturi's valve (rev. 4) - Click to visit GRABCAD and download