Invest in the right 3D printing company!

You already know 3D printing is not just a hype thing and will reshape large parts or even disrupt some industries.

But is it really an open sky gold mine or do you still need to dig for a few years before finding the next unicorn?

Everybody knows 3DS, EOS, Stratasys, HP or all the big players out there. But did you know there is more than 400 active FDM printer manufacturers in the world in 2019? Some of them are about to tackle key issues in health, construction, manufacturing or automotive industries.

3DPM can help you to get more background on the companies you want to invest in or discover new ones to follow. Understand their market approach, their potential and their reputation in the 3D printing industry.

Invest in the right 3D printing company

We understand you may not have time to study 3D printing markets, so get an expert to do it for you!


Pick up the services you need or let’s talk to create your own package:

  • Market information (trends, sizing, pricing…)
  • Technology introduction, comparison…
  • 3D printer manufacturer review (by industry, region, segment…)
  • Software Company review (slicers, design, management…)
  • Channel partners review
  • Business model analysis
  • Vertical markets analysis (Health, education, construction…)

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